Alternative Bio-Energy Market Assessment In Sub-Saharan Africa

The project aimed to identify scalable Business Models for Alternative Cooking Fuels and their Potential in Sub-Saharan Africa. The survey is taking place in the four Sub-Saharan African Countries of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Madagascar. The objective of the study was to identify the scope of effective interventions by entrepreneurs, governments, and development communities to scale both production and uptake of alternative biomass cooking fuels as substitutes to unsustainable firewood and charcoal. The study had as the objective to :
(i) Identify and analyze existing business cases of alternative biomass fuels;
(ii) Synthesize findings;
(iii) Assess the alternative biomass cooking fuel markets in each country;
(iv) Propose how the World Bank and development partners can support Sub Saharan African governments in promoting alternative biomass cooking fuels;

Place: Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda & Madagascar.
Client: World Bank
Date: 2015-2016