Mozambique Household & Institutional Energy Use Economic Analysis

The project had the objective to collect baseline energy use data for household and institutional users in the south, central, and northern region of Mozambique. The key objectives were to:

  1. Assess the correlation between household socio-economic level and household energy use sources (with focus on cooking energy). A similar assessment was carried out for institutions such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, prisons, and others;
  2. Study the average quantity of charcoal and firewood used by households and institutional users per day;
  3. Analyse the purchasing power of households as well as institutional users and willingness to shift to modern or efficient cooking stoves
  4. Analyse the household cooking energy fuels currently used and their costs

The study directly fed into the development of the country’s Biomass Energy Strategy (BEST). GreenLight was a key member of the design of the strategy as well as the action plan for the sector. GreenLight continues to offer advisory services to the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy on the biomass energy sector.

Place: Mozambique
Client: Mozambique Ministry Of Energy
Date: 2012