A Pilot Project To Demonstrate The Private Sector Role In Rural Electrification In Mozambique With a Focus On Solar Energy

FUNAE (Mozambique Energy Fund) is looking for alternative ways to provide electricity access and/or electricity services to rural areas that can be scaled up in the short run. It wants to demonstrate the viability of this approach and is supporting 3 private companies to start up this as a pilot project. One of the projects focuses on the private management of an existing solar mini-grid (previously under the management of FUNAE); the second pilot is to test the introduction of Pay as You Go (PAYG) solar home systems with a mobile payment platform, and the third pilot project aims to test the viability of solar operated battery (heavy-duty) charge centers for household usage. The pilot shall be implemented in Porto Henrique and Chigubuta villages of Maputo province. The companies are expected to actively engage commercially in these ventures and remain in the project area beyond the pilot project. The management of the pilot including the technical and methodological support is provided by GreenLight.

Place: Mozambique
Client: BTC / FUNAE
Date: 2016 / 2017