Introduction of Ethanol Cookstoves & Cooking Fuel in The Mozambican Market

GreenLight has provided the research and development services necessary to launch an ethanol cookstove and cooking fuel venture in Mozambique. Greenlight was involved in the marketing and distribution strategy, product development, carbon financing registration, and management as well as ongoing monitoring and evaluation activities. Greenlight also coordinated marketing activities such as TV spots, radio spots, roadshows, and community theatre. It is also worth noting that this was the world’s first commercial-scale ethanol cookstove and cooking fuel venture. The concept for ethanol as household cooking energy in Mozambique was based on a Masters’s thesis developed by GreenLight and Cleanstar ventures, a social enterprise, invested to realize the theoretical paper into practice.
The result was over 40.000 Ethanol cookstove users in Maputo and Matola cities. The company continues to sell cookstoves and ethanol cooking fuel with the brand name of Ndzilo (flame in the local language – Changana).

Place: Mozambique
Client: Cleanstar Ventures
Date: 2010 – 2013