Local Capacity Builder For Renewable Energy Component – Biomass Energy & Improved Cook-Stoves

Local capacity builder for renewable energy component – biomass energy and improved cook-stoves. Greenlight provided advisory services and capacity building to SNV and beneficiary companies supported by the energy program. Three main initiatives were focused on. The first was to upscale the introduction of improved cookstoves and alternative cooking fuels (LPG and Ethanol) for use in the cooked-food industry (restaurants, informal food vendors, market stalls, and kiosks). This initiative was supported by the Municipality of Maputo and reached over 1000 cooked food vendors in Maputo city only. The second initiative was to develop project proposals and capacity building initiatives for the production of charcoal in a more sustainable manner. The third component was under the Energy for Development (ENDEV) program.

Place: Mozambique
Client: SNV
Date: 2011 – 2014